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GlycoMimetics to develop AIDS vaccine with International AIDS Vaccine Initiative, Glycosensors and Diagnostics

Thursday, May 10 2012 | Comments
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GlycoMimetics Inc. will collaborate with the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative (IAVI) and Glycosensors and Diagnostics LLC to develop an AIDS vaccine using glycomimetics, which are compounds that mimic carbohydrates.

IAVI's Innovation Fund will finance the project, which is intended to create carbohydrate immunogens that are capable of stimulating protective antibody responses to HIV. GlycoMimetics' knowledge of glycobiology-based therapies will provide a foundation for the collaborative effort, which will involve IAVI's anticarbohydrate antibodies, and Glycosensors and Diagnostics will provide computer-simulated and biophysical evaluation of the potential immunogens.

Financial terms of the collaboration were not released.

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