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Pharmanest launches early-stage trial of pain product

Monday, April 30 2012 | Comments
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Pharmanest AB started a Phase I study to investigate a product called Shact as a pain reliever for women who undergo intrauterine device insertion, according to Karolinska Development AB, which owns 55 percent of Pharmanest.

The primary objective of the open-label trial is to establish the pharmacokinetic properties of Shact when applied in the cervix and uterus of women who are undergoing this procedure. Secondary goals of the study are to evaluate the product's safety and tolerability.

Shact is applied topically using an applicator developed by Pharmanest and is designed to deliver immediate pain relief without the use of advanced equipment.

Pharmanest said a randomized, double-blind, Phase II study of Shact is expected to begin later this year, which will include approximately 200 patients.

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