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Durect regains U.S., Canadian rights to pain drug candidate from Hospira

Thursday, March 29 2012 | Comments
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Durect Corp. said Hospira Inc. would be returning the development and commercialization rights to Posidur, an investigational long-acting formulation of the anesthetic bupivacaine, in the United States and Canada. 

James Brown, Durect's chief executive officer, said the company is disappointed that Hospira will no longer be its partner for Posidur, but Durect still plans to complete the preparation of "integrated safety and efficacy reports that tie together the entire body of work" the two companies have done in connection with the drug. Brown said the information would be submitted to the Food and Drug Administration in conjunction with a pre-New Drug Application meeting with the agency, which Durect believes will occur this summer.

Hospira gained the rights to develop and market Posidur in the United States and Canada in a licensing agreement it signed with Durect in 2010. Nycomed obtained exclusive commercialization rights to the drug in Europe and other countries in a collaboration agreement established with Durect in 2006.

Posidur was developed with Durect's Saber controlled-release delivery system to provide pain relief for as long as three days following surgery.

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