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La Jolla acquires rights to anticancer/antifibrotic agent, appoints new CEO

Monday, January 30 2012 | Comments
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La Jolla Pharmaceutical Co. gained the global development and commercialization rights to GCS-100 from Solana Therapeutics Inc.

GCS-100 is a first-in-class inhibitor of galectin-3, a molecular target implicated in cancer and chronic organ failure. La Jolla explained that inhibitors of galectin-3 are "attractive" therapeutic candidates for a variety of diseases, including cancer, heart failure, kidney disease, pulmonary fibrosis and liver fibrosis, because of the key role galectin-3 plays in the immune system's response to cancer and tissue injury.

The drug has been studied in Phase I and Phase II trials involving more than 140 patients. The data thus far suggest that the investigational compound confers anticancer activity in patients with several tumor types, exhibits effects on the immune system in patients that are consistent with the drug's galectin-3 inhibitory mechanism and is safe and well-tolerated at doses that produce clinical activity. 

Along with La Jolla's acquisition of GSC-100, Dr. George Tidmarsh, Solana's former chief executive officer (CEO), was appointed to serve as president and CEO of La Jolla.

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